Calabria. Two months for a slap to a journalist. Sentence confirmed

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On January 18, 2018 the Court of Appeals of Reggio Calabria confirmed the conviction of Francesco Cagliuso (former deputy mayor of Caulonia, in the province of Reggio Calabria)

The Court has judged Cagliuso responsible for injuries against journalist Armando Scuteri, a contributor to the Gazzetta del Sud. The facts date back to 8 August 2008 when Scuteri took some photos to document the outbreak of a sewer at sea and was slapped by the then deputy mayor. The appeal sentence confirms that of the first instance, with which Cagliuso had been sentenced to two months in prison and to pay three thousand euros in expenses. Now he will have to pay Scuteri another thousand euros of court costs.

PRECEDENTS – From 2011 to today, in Lazio, Ossigeno has detected 169 serious violations of the freedom of the press and of expression committed with illicit acts, acts of violence, and of abuse against journalists, bloggers, video operators, photo reporters, publishers, whose names are published in the Observatory’s Table. In 2017, 33 names were added to this list.

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