Farewell to Sergio Zavoli, honorary president of Ossigeno, dean of Italian journalists

The great journalist passed away on the evening of the 4th August 2020 in Rome at the age of 96 received by a chorus of praise, memories and recollections  of his extraordinary activity

OSSIGENO 5th August 2020 – In recent years, the great journalist Sergio Zavoli has been a generous friend of Ossigeno per l’Informazione NGOand an active supporter of the cause in defence of journalists hindered by threats and intimidation.

Having him with us since 2013 as honorary president, having in this capacity a dean of journalists of such great prestige, moral rectitude and professional experience, has helped greatly our mission.

It helped us to refine the analyses and to bring to our theses many of those who still did not believe in the widespread diffusion of the sad phenomenon of intimidation in Italy, in the fact that it seriously hinders the work of many upright journalists “with a straight back”, as Sergio liked to call those reporters  who are only servants of the truth and their readers. We will always be grateful to him and will remember him with affection.

Alberto Spampinato and Giuseppe F. Mennella, president and general secretary of Ossigeno per l’Informazione

Read Sergio Zavoli’s introduction to Ossigeno’s e-book on spurious complaints

Journalists who resist intimidation are the pride of journalism

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