He walloped the reporter but now apologises and donates 5,000 euro to the national press federation (FNSI)

The gesture by the former minister Mario Landolfi was a sign of reconciliation after the unpleasant incident on April 19th. It was the reporter himself from La7 to suggest the donation

The former minister Mario Landolfi donated 5,000 euro to FNSI in support of threatened journalists. With this gesture the politician wanted to atone for the wallop given to the journalist Danilo Lupo of L’Arena (La7) because he was annoyed by a question on the abolition of annuities given to former members of parliament. (read here).

The episode, recorded by the video-camera of La7 occurred in the very centre of Rome on April 19th. It sparked off a strong wave of protests by journalists and it was Lupo himself – live on L’Arena to accept the apology of Landolfi whilst asking him to donate a sum to FNSI as a sign of reconciliation. The news of the donation by the former minister was referred to in a note from FNSI whose secretary-general Raffaele Lorusso said, “The conclusion of this affair shows the intelligence of both the persons involved. Danilo Lupo and Mario Landolfi both enrolled in the Order of Journalists have sent out a clear message in the face of the threats to and attacks upon journalists.”