Mafia Capitale. New attack against Lirio Abbate at the appeals trial

Carminati’s attorney has again mocked the deputy editor in chief of l’Espresso who replies: so I’ve become a target. Solidarity with the journalist from Ossigeno and Fnsi

On March 6, 2018, the lawyer Giosuè Naso, defender of Massimo Carminati, one of the accused in the “Mafia Capitale” trial attacked the Deputy Chief Editor of l’Espresso, Lirio Abbate, author of numerous articles on organized crime in Rome. “This is a mediatically built process in a certain way to condition it, even with the investigations of the journalist Lirio Abbate, whom I renamed Delirio Abbate” Naso said in the Rebibbia bunker room during the first hearing of the second degree trial in the “Middle-world” survey. Immediate reply via twitter of Lirio Abbate: “Pointing the finger at a journalist in a courtroom with defendants for the Mafia is like pointing at a target”. The proceeding is against 43 defendants, and 19 of whom are charged with the mafia association from the Rome prosecutor, an unrecognized accusation in the trial of the first degree. The ANSA press agency reports.

It is not the first time that Massimo Carminati’s lawyer attacks the journalist during the trial hearings (read).

THE SOLIDARITY OF OSSIGENO – Once again, undert the shelter of the inviolable right to defense, the lawyer Giosuè Naso, defender of the accused Massimo Carminati, during the appeal trial Mafia Capitale found a way to attack the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome through a third party, choosing as a specious objective the deputy director of l’Espresso Lirio Abbate, the journalist who through his courageous investigations has uncovered the illicit architecture behind Mafia Capitale. Once again – after having defined “a mediatically constructed process” the procedure for which his client has already been sentenced to twenty years of imprisonment – Carminati’s lawyer, has resorted to the tedious trick of crippling the name of the journalist, who would have boasted of this stunt. We hope that the Court and its colleagues have invited him to use a more appropriate and respectful language, because no one should be allowed to transform a person – let alone a journalist – into a public target. It is critical of the merits, preserving respect for people. Ossigeno per l’Informazione, which always follows these rules, asks that others do it too. Meanwhile, he expresses solidarity with Lirio Abbate, who is one of the greatest animators of this Observatory.

The National Press Federation also expressed solidarity with Abbate. “It is not acceptable – write the heads of the FNSI in a statement – that a lawyer, even in the exercise of his function, attempts to de-legitimize the work of journalists and investigators, using expressions that, in our opinion, can not be reconciled with the duties of the lawyer” (read).

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