Ragusa: for having posted a threatening comment about Paolo Borrometi on Facebook the court of Ragusa has sentenced the individual to four months in prison

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Ragusa – On the 7th June 2018, three years after the event, the court of Ragusa has, in a shortened process, sentenced Giovanni Giacchi to four months in prison for serious threats regarding the journalist Paolo Borrometi, editor of LaSpia.it. Giacchi has benefitted from the conditional suspension of the sentence

On the 24th July 2015 Giacchi commented on Facebook about an article of Borrometi entitled, “Victory like the Naples team: the delinquent Angelo Ventura comes out of prison and celebrates with selfies” (read here), by writing “dear friend, have a laugh now because tomorrow they could be talking about you in church” (read here).

On the 11th June 2018 Borrometi had given evidence in Syracuse during the trial of Francesco De Carolis accused of threats and Mafia-style violence (read here).

De Carolis with a voice message sent to Borrometi’s Facebook account requested him not to publish facts about him or his relatives threatening to massacre him if he did not comply (read here).