Reggio Calabria: Videoreporter attacked in front of the police headquarters

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Mario Idone (Med Media News) was filming three persons coming out having been charged with homicide. Attacked by two men. Video camera damaged.

The journalist, Mario Idone, a video reporter of Med Media News, an agency which works in Reggio Calabria and provides services for local and national broadcasters, was attacked on the 16th March 2018 in front of the entrance to the police headquarters of Reggio where he had set up to film the emergence of three persons arrested, in an operation bearing the name Malanova, for the killing of a woman (read here).

Idone was attacked by two men, presumably relatives of those arrested. In their attempt to snatch the video camera out of his hands, they damaged it. The two were part of a group of people who shortly before had railed against and threw punches and kicks at police officers. The police have identified several persons who have started the brawl. After the attack, Idone has formalised his accusation in the police headquarters.

“One must never give up – the journalist told Ossigeno – it is important neither to undervalue these episodes nor hide them, to avoid creating dangerous precedents.” Idone has received solidarity from the journalists’ union of Calabria, from the Prefect of Reggio Calabria and from the Superintendent (read here).

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