Rome. Who can stop the great impunity for the intimidation of journalists

New strategy to fight also misuse of criminal defamation complaints. Conference and training course for journalists

OSSIGENO 10 ottobre 2023 – Who can stop impunity for intimidation and misuse of the justice system against journalists? And how? This is the title of the conference on press freedom which will take place in Rome on Friday 27 October 2023, to celebrate in Italy the “International Day to put an end to impunity for crimes against journalists”, the annual anniversary announced by the UN remembered with numerous similar initiatives around the world, organized by UNESCO which this year has scheduled the main celebration on November 2nd in Washington.
The Rome conference, held at Casa del Jazz (a villa seized to Mafia) is open to everyone and is also a training course for registered journalists, organized by Ossigeno per l’Informazione in collaboration with the Order of Journalists of Lazio, in collaboration with the Musica per Roma Foundation.

The conference will present data on impunity for intimidation and threats to journalists and for the misuse of the judicial system in Italy with a lot complaints and defamation suits based on false or unfounded accusations. Legislative initiatives at Italian and European level will be discussed and some examples will be presented of how those who are falsely sued can react. Among the speakers: Guido D’Ubaldo (president of the Odg of Lazio, the lawyer Andrea Di Pietro (coordinator of the Legal Desk of Ossigeno), the journalists Giuseppe F. Mennella and Alberto Spampinato.

The works will be also broadcast live on Ossigeno’s YouTube channel, where it will also be possible to review the video recording. ASP

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