Migrants against a team from tv Rete4 in Rome at Termini Station

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The journalist Angela Camuso and the two video technicians who were with her were attacked whilst doing a reportage for Stasera Italia

On the evening of the 21st September 2018 in Rome, in the vicinity of Termini Station, the journalist Angela Camuso and two video technicians who were with her have been attacked by a group of migrants whilst carrying out a reportage for the programme Stasera Italia talk show produced by the editorial team of Tg4. The video camera of the team was destroyed. The feature was broadcast on the 25th September 2018 (see here).

The journalist and the technicians were in via Marsala to document with interviews and images the degradation of the street which runs alongside the Rome railway station and where groups of immigrants of African origin, several undocumented, others within systems of protection spend day and night.

Whilst Camuso was interviewing one of them, another began to inveigh against the team which immediately after was surrounded by another four migrants who snatched the video camera out of the hands of the cameraman and smashed it to pieces against the pavement.

The attack happened at nine o’clock in the evening. No one intervened to stop the attackers. There is an audio recording of the attack, made by one of the technicians with his mobile phone.

“They were sure of themselves” – Angela Camuso told Ossigeno “The fact that a television team can be attacked in a zone which should be one of the most monitored zones in Rome and at a peak time is really worrying. The attacker – she added –were allowed to obstruct our journalism work, they prevented us from recording a reality which was in front of everybody’s eyes. Clearly they were sure that nobody would stop them”.

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