Trento: damages and insults to Voce del Trentino staff

The chief editor , Elisabetta Cardinali, also formally reported the anonymous letters full of insults to her and to the newspaper, received since last summer. Investigations are underway

In the night between the 13th and 14th October 2019 unknown individuals damaged the windows of the La Voce del Trentino editorial office in via Milano in Trento. According to the investigations, the malefactors could have used compressed air rifles or pistols. The security police of Trento investigated. On the 16th October, the chief editor , the journalist Elisabetta Cardinali, lodged a formal complaint against unknown persons at the Trento Police Headquarters and provided footage of the recordings. The chief editor also formally reported to the Postal Police threats and anonymous letters that the newspaper had received in recent months.

There are three anonymous letters – all written on a PC – addressed to the journalist and delivered to the editorial staff starting last summer. The envelopes were all sent by mail from Verona, with fake senders giving addresses in some streets of Trento. The texts contain sexist insults to the journalist and other insults to the newspaper, called “the fart” of Trentino and accusing it of being Fascist and unprofessional. Some insults, even on social networks, could have come from the far-left.

On October 14th , Elisabetta Cardinali wrote an editorial in which she reported the damage and the letters received (published in the annex) expressing regret for the climate created (read here).

Some members of the Five Star Movement and of Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) expressed solidarity with the editorial staff.


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