Vibo Valentia. Set on fire car of companion of journalist Francesco Mobilio

The carabinieri are investigating. In 2015, the reporter of the daily Il Quotidiano del Sud received an envelope with a bullet

In the night between January 31st and February 1st 2018 the car of the journalist of the newspaper Quotidiano del Sud, Francesco Mobilio, was set on fire in Vibo Valentia. The car, used mainly by his companion, was parked under the couple’s home. The carabinieri of Vibo Valentia and the firemen who have extinguished the fire have arrived on the spot. On 31 January, Mobilio’s partner formalized a complaint against unknown persons at the Vibo Police Headquarters. The woman has specified that she has no suspicions, nor that she has had any problems with someone. The complaint stresses that this is not the first intimidation suffered by her and her partner. Ten years ago, unknowns ignited the woman’s car and in 2015 Mobilio was the recipient of an envelope with a bullet, because of his profession (read). The reporter can not say whether the last episode can also be referred to his journalistic activity. The carabinieri are investigating the case.

“These are very serious incidents that do not only affect a journalist but tend to undermine the right to information for an entire community”, Francesco Mobilio told Ossigeno.

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