Messina Stadium Banner displayed against reporter

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by Andrea de Tommasi – The target of Messina Calcio’s extremist fans was the journalist of the Gazzetta del Sud, Marco Capuano. Expressions of solidarity from Assostampa and Sicilian Order of Journalists.

An offensive banner against the journalist of the Gazzetta del Sud, Marco Capuano, was unfurled on Sunday the 3rd November 2019 at the “Franco Scoglio” stadium in Messina during the “Serie D” match between AC.R. FC and Messina FC. The banner was posted in the sector occupied by the supporters of the Acr. It read, “Marco Capuano is a piece of shit” and remained in the home supporters end for about ten minutes, accompanied by a chorus of insults.

Capuano has taken an interest in the Messina football scene for many years. He was targeted by the extremist fans for some articles in which he reconstructed the A.C.R. club’s problems and criticized the current company management. In the past, according to what the journalist told Ossigeno, he had already been the target of insults on social networks.

Capuano has not filed a formal complaint. “I hope that it doesn’t go beyond this offensive message – said the journalist of the Gazzetta del Sud -. I made seriousness and the transparency the guiding lights of my work as a sports reporter and I have always tried to report the facts “.

The press associations of the Sicilian region and the province of Messina expressed solidarity with the journalist. There is no comment from the A.C.R. Messina.

Andrea de Tommasi

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