Death threats to two reporters from Arzano (Naples)

They received an anonymous letter signed with a red star. The Carabinieri are also among the recipients. A question raised in Parliament.

An anonymous letter containing death threats, signed with a red star, was delivered to journalists Giuseppe Bianco and Domenico Rubio at their homes in Arzano in the province of Naples. The letter was sent on the 18th September 2019 and was also addressed to the Carabinieri in the same town. This was the text: “The day of the death of the infamous will come, guilty of everything. Resistance to the bitter end, we are building the revolution “. It was written on a computer and printed on white paper. The episode was formally reported to the Carabinieri of Arzano.

Giuseppe Bianco (a reporter with the newspaper Il Roma) and Mimmo Rubio (who edits the Arzano News Facebook page) have for some time been carrying out investigations into the infiltration of organized crime in local commercial activities and in the administrative activity of the municipal town council, which was dissolved by Central Government on May 20th 2019 for proven Mafia infiltration. It is the third time that it has happened in eleven years.

Senator Antonio Iannone of the FDI (Brothers of Italy party) asked a parliamentary question of the Minister of the Interior to find out how he intends to protect the safety of journalists. Among other things, the senator recalled that, in their articles, Bianco and Rubio have repeatedly pointed out aspects of possible irregularities in the municipal administration and of “alleged links with the organised crime syndicate Camorra” and in the behaviour of some municipal police officers (read here the Senator’s question).

Ossigeno has already dealt with threats to and intimidation of Giuseppe Bianco and Mimmo Rubio. In the summer of 2018, other parliamentary questions had been submitted regarding threats to the two journalists (read here), who had met with senior officers of the Carabinieri. From actions by the Prefect of Naples they had been promised greater watchfulness (read here).


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