A reporter’s car set on fire, 4 suspects

The Catanzaro Public Prosecutor’s Office has completed its investigation. The fire dates back to 2014. Amoroso had published photos of some people suspected of robbery and extortion.

The Public Prosecutor of Catanzaro, in February 2019, notified four suspects of the conclusion of the investigation for the setting alight, on the 31st January 2014, of the car of the journalist of the Gazzetta del Sud, Sabrina Amoroso. They are Raffaele Pitingolo (as the alleged organizer and principal), Marco Buttà and Roberto Iania (as alleged perpetrators) and Francesco Fiorentino (as the alleged intermediary and recruiter of the two perpetrators), confessing a few days after an arrest for another matter.

According to the investigators, the intimidating damage done to a Fiat Punto owned by the journalist’s father but in use by the journalist was triggered by an article published by Sabrina Amoroso on the morning of the 31st of January the police operation named “Luxury”. It had been the subject of a press conference the day before at the Provincial Command of the Carabinieri of Catanzaro, in the presence of the chief prosecutor. The journalist, according to the investigations, was being punished for having published the photos of the two sons of Pitingolo, Alessandro and Giuseppe, arrested for the crimes of robbery and extortion. Three other cars parked near to the Fiat Punto were involved in the fire.

Antonino Cicero (wt)

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