480 journalists remembering Jan Kuciak: we do not forget

“A year ago they killed a colleague and his girlfriend. We have not forgotten. And we’re not going to go away.”

Between the 18th and the 21st February 2019, one year after the assassination of Jan Kuciak and his fiancée, in Slovakia more than 480 journalists signed a declaration entitled “Nezabúdame” (Let’s not forget). (see signatories)

This is the text:

“The pain and anguish have not gone away. We have not lost, however, the determination to continue Ján’s work and continue to lift the veil on fraud, corruption and filth that led to two cold-blooded assassinations. Today we probably know who the killers are and it seems we also know who ordered the assassination. But we still don’t know if he was the only one ».

“In the police, in the prosecutor’s office and precisely in the government there sat and still sit persons who did not want to protect Ján and the journalists because they protected those Ján wrote about and we still write about. We discovered that Ján, like other journalists, was being followed. They were also preparing other murders”.

The journalists explain that in any case they have not let themselves be intimidated, they will still ask questions and they will still investigate so that the public knows if the investigation is independent. A year after the murder, however, they note the fact “that people in Slovakia are worried about this”. That they will not be let to completely devastate the country like a tornado. “A year ago they killed a colleague of ours and his girlfriend. We have not forgotten. And we’re not going to go away. “

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