Anti-Berizzi Banner Outside Olympic Stadium

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The banner was hung up on the evening of Sept.19th for the Rome-Istanbul match. Earlier, Berizzi had published an investigation into different areas of the stadium.

On the evening of 19th September 2019, in front of the Olympic Stadium in Rome, just before the Roma-Istanbul Basaksehir match, a banner signed “Fedayn” (which identifies a group of extremists supporters in Rome) was unfurled with insults directed at the journalist of La Repubblica, Paolo Berizzi, who lives under police protection because of threats. The banner reads “Since 972 Extremists for passion not for profession. Think about it Berizzi, poor asshole! “

On the Facebook page “Nazitalia” (from the title of his book) the journalist published a photo of the banner. Berizzi writes that it appeared “in response to my investigation of extremists”. On September 16th three days earlier, the journalist had published an investigation in the daily newspaper La Repubblica on the fans that fill the curved ends of the stadium and on the relationships between them and organized crime.

In recent weeks, after having written some articles and comments on the murder of the leader of the extremist Lazio supporters, Fabrizio Piscitelli on the 7th  September, Berizzi reported to the law enforcement agencies that he had received insults and death threats on social networks, especially from extremist supporters of Lazio.

For his investigations into extreme right-wing groups and the repeated threats received because of his work, Berizzi has lived under guard since February 2019.

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