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Ukraine. Zelensky criticizes Markiv verdict

The newly elected Ukrainian president hopes for a different outcome of the appeal process According to the Agi news agency the newly elected president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, in a conversation with Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte, expressed his “concern about the unjustifiably harsh sentence” of former National Guard member Vitaly Markiv, sentenced by the […]

“It’s nice to find someone who helps you”

The testimonial of the journalist Roberto La Pira who received an Ossigeno gratuity for legal fees Finding out that there is a booth for freelance journalists and chief editors of small newspapers that assists you at the legal level when a defamation lawsuit arrives in your office was a pleasant surprise. I felt less alone […]

Giulia Cerino assisted by Oxygen was acquitted

The freelance journalist was sued in 2015 and the producer of Announo had refused to provide legal protection. The lawyer Di Pietro: all our clients acquitted. The freelance journalist Giulia Cerino, defended by the lawyer Andrea Di Pietro on behalf of the Ossigeno’s Legal Aid Office, was acquitted. The lawsuit began in August 2015. Read […]

The latest BAD NEWS from Italy by Ossigeno

= Lawsuit then eight  months jail for Coviello = Palermo. “We’ll put a bomb under you,” they say to the switchboard = Napoli. Copies in the editorial offices of Fanpage. An empty trip = Prato. A team from state broadcaster’s news service attacked = Porto Empedocle. Two on trial for threats to a reporter The […]