BAD NEWS | 16 March 2018

This newsletter presents the last news originally published by Ossigeno per l’Informazione about attacks and violations of freedom of the expression and the media in Italy as well as in other countries. Also included are initiatives to tackle the issue with a review from international organisations in the field of freedom of expression

But several rays of light are shining

Calabria. Two months for a slap to a journalist. Sentence confirmed
On 18 January 2018, the Court of Appeals of Reggio Calabria confirmed the conviction of Francesco Cagliuso (former deputy mayor of Caulonia, in the province of Reggio Calabria)

Sicily. The three authors of threats to the journalist Spallino are now under proceedings
He had written that two of them are involved in a judicial inquiry. The correspondent of the Giornale di Sicilia and the Ordine dei Giornalisti di Sicilia are also plaintiffs

Taranto. He threatened a reporter. Sentenced to 20 months of prison
It is the penalty, without suspension, that Michele Cagnazzo will have to serve due to the aggravated threats to journalist Alessandra Macchitella, collaborator of newspaper Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia

Monte Paschi scandal. Acquitted journalist of Il Fatto Quotidiano
In February 2015, Davide Vecchi had been accused of illegal data processing in the context of the investigation of the Credit Institute based in Siena

Monza. Businessman sentenced to 14 months for threats against journalists 
The court condemned Mario Barzaghi, former vice-president of Confindustria Monza and Brianza for private violence and threats against Fabrizio Gatt of the weekly L’Espresso

Piacenza. Football bets. Last bet. Seven journalists acquitted
They had reported about presumed phone calls that a sports executive received from the so-called “Gypsy band”. For the judge, the fact does not constitute a crime

Defamation. Dismissed charges against Livesicilia and Foglio
On 12 January 2018 the online magazine LiveSicilia reported the (good) news

This newsletter has been relased with the contribution of Ilaria Fevola

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