Bari: State broadcaster’s news team attacked

Go away”, a man shouted to the journalist Renato Piccoli and the cameraman and smashed the window of the car they were in, in the Japigia district.

On the 4th February 2020, the journalist Renato Piccoli – of the regional television news of Puglia – and his cameraman were attacked in the Japigia district of Bari during their reporting on a control operation that the police were conducting in this district of the city.

The journalists intrigued by the presence of many police filmed the event from inside their car. When they were about to leave, a man approached the car shouting at them to go away, punching the car and breaking a window and a wing mirror.

There were expressions of solidarity from – Assostampa Puglia, the National Federation of the Italian Press (Fnsi), the union of the state broadcaster and the editorial committee.

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