Calabria. Cited reporter. Public prosecutor requests calumny

Adriana Musella, president of the “Riferimenti” antimafia association, falsely accused Alessia Candito (Corriere della Calabria) of having stolen data from her computer

The Public Prosecutor of the Court of Reggio Calabria, Massimo Baraldo, has requested to try Adriana Musella, president of the anti-mafia association “Riferimenti”, for calumny, following the trial for slander against the journalist of the Corriere della Calabria, Alessia Candito. The request is dated September 30, 2017. Eighteen months after the lawsuit for aggravated defamation and unauthorized access to the IT or telematic system that Musella had presented, on March 17, 2016, against Candito, in relation to an article published on February 25 (read).

In that article, it was pointed out that part of the public funding received by the association was spent on goods and services not related to social activity.

Adriana Musella, with her lawsuit, accused Alessia Candito of fraudulently copying the accounting data of the association from her personal computer, taking advantage – during a meeting between the two – of her momentary absence. The lawsuit was filed in July 2017 by the Judge for the preliminary investigations of the Court of Reggio Calabria, to which the journalist had provided a full recording of that interview with Musella, thus demonstrating that the latter had voluntarily given the files with the accounting documents. Musella had opposed the request for dismissal, but the judge had reiterated – as stated in the order of dismissal – that “Candito has done nothing but her job as a journalist, exposing and commenting on legitimately acquired data, exercising the right to report and criticise, as protected by the Constitutional Charter”.

Ossigeno had already taken covered a case concerning Alessia Candito for whom, in December 2015, the Police Headquarters of Reggio Calabria had ordered a protection detail service in the evenings because she was threatened via email by a former repentant, resentful for the publication of some articles (read).

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