Canicattì: a reporter’s car damaged

Cesare Sciabarrà is the publisher and editor of Canicattiweb. Unknown individuals destroyed the rear window of his car parked in the street

In Canicattì, in the Agrigento area, the journalist Cesare Sciabarrà, publisher of Canicattiweb, on the morning of the 14th December 2019, when he went to pick up his car, parked in the street near his home, found the rear windscreen deliberately reduced to fragments. The reporter was with his daughter whom he was accompanying to school. Cesare Sciabarrà immediately informed the police then went to the local police station and filed an official complaint against unknown persons. No signs on the car of break-in were detected and nothing had been removed from it.

SOLIDARITY – Claudio Scaibarrà has received expressions of solidarity from some of his fellow journalists, from the president of the Regional Anti-Mafia Commission Claudio Fava and from representatives of civil society.

THE JOURNALIST – “It seems – Sciabarrà told Ossigeno – that the gesture was not aimed at anything other than damaging one of my assets”. And he added: “I like to think that it was an act of vandalism carried out by a young boy. But if it wasn’t that then what happened to me would confirm that I live in a difficult town where there are many obscure things and where it is considered normal that my many questions of public interest remain unanswered. Currently – continues Sciabarrà – there are my investigations into burning local issues (water, waste management, contracts assigned by the Municipality) that have discomforted more than one person … “.

“I feel uneasy – he added – for the lack of reaction from local administrators on what happened. A councillor limited himself to minimising the incident with irony. The city council, which met the following day, rightly remembered the Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia tragically murdered but did not feel the need to make even a minimum mention of my incident. “

Antonino Cicero

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