Crotone : “Go away” A journalist of LaC roughed up

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Giuseppe Laratta was carrying out a reportage on the preparations of a tent city for homeless persons in a municipal structure. The incident reported. Solidarity of the union.

On the 27th February 2017 the journalist Giuseppe Laratta, collaborator with the local broadcaster LaC TV has been roughed up whilst documenting, near the municipal sports ground of Crotone, the fitting out of a tent city of the Red Cross destined to shelter the homeless during the period of snow in Italy. A man first of all began to shout against the workers who were fitting out the structure then he approached the journalist hitting him in the face and telling him to go away. The man who described himself as the son of a former guardian of the land seemed annoyed by the provision and by the presence of the video-camera.

The journalist returned home to put together the reportage (see here) which was broadcast the same evening. Then he went to the central police station of Crotone and reported the offence by persons unknown.

The acting secretary general of FNSI and the secretary of the journalists’ union of Calabria Carlo Parisi and the head of the legal section of FNSI Michele Albanese expressed solidarity with him (read).

The precedents in Calabria – from 2011 until today, in Calabria, Ossigeno has identified 175 serious violations of press freedom and the freedom of expression committed by acts of violence or abuse towards journalists, bloggers, video operators, photo-journalists and editors whose names have been published in the Observatory Table. In 2017 six names have been added to this list.

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