Ezio Mauro and Domenico Cacopardo found not guilty for the articles about the town of Rubi

The decision of the Court of Appeal of Catania has been taken eight years after the event. They had been sued in 2010 for defamation in print, by the administration of the municipality of Letojanni (Messina)

At their first trial, the journalists Ezio Mauro, former editor-in-chief of la Repubblica and Domenico Cacopardo were each sentenced to a 600 euro fine, to compensate the municipality with 20,000 euro and to pay the legal expenses as reported by the online publication, sikelynews.it on the 29th March 2018.

The basis for the litigation were the articles of Cacopardo about the town in which the parents of Karima El Marough lived. She is known as “Rubi Rubacuori” through her participation at the dinners of Berlusconi at Arcore.


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