In depth articles of Ossigeno: The Attilio Bolzoni Case

Ossigeno is dedicating an in depth article to the journalist of La Repubblica Attilio Bolzoni who, after his scoop about the ex-president of “Confindustria Sicily” (the regional branch of the Confederation of Italian Industries) Antonello Montante, has been the victim of threats, retaliation and stalking.

Ossigeno’s article:

Retaliations against Bolzoni after his scoop about Montante
The attacks intensified after Bolzoni published an article in which he revealed that magistrates were investigating for Mafia links the Sicilian entrepreneur who was perceived to be a champion of legality.

An exemplary story which encapsulates all the problems
The problems are not new. They need to be discussed knowing that some solutions are down to the authorities but other responses need to come from journalists and editors.

“Shame” said Bolzoni after the arrest of Montante
This is how Bolzoni commented on the arrest: ”A journalist had told me: we write about the events when the magistrate tells us to. But I think that the events should be written up first. The cowardice and the human aspect of the affair have made a big impression on me.

They have isolated me, Bolzoni had told the Anti-Mafia
A year later newspapers had still not picked up on the scoop with which Bolzoni had revealed that the industrialist Montante was under investigation for Mafia activity.

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