“Shame” said Bolzoni after the arrest of Montante

On the 20th May 2018, on Radio CL1 (see here) a radio station of Caltanissetta, the journalist Attilio Bolzoni said, “Already three years ago, when I began to concern myself with the Montante Affair, I realised that it was a dirty foul-smelling story. And according to me it still wasn’t finished … certainly what developed is a very foul-smelling picture. I don’t focus only on the judicial aspect because there are magistrates who have to identify offences, prove them. What makes a greater impression upon me is the human aspect of the affair, the resignation and the cowardice of several individuals subjected to the system. There are things even bigger than the offences.”

“Caltanissetta, in comparisons with other areas of Sicily, has always distinguished itself by a layer of civility. These people are soiling it. Montante is an individual who has always lied. Everything comes together in the individual: the discarded rucksack, the broken USB pen, the fact that he feared that the search was not carried out by the police but by criminals … And there were individuals, ministers, magistrates, police who gave him credit … In that city many magistrates and police officers should be ashamed. On the contrary , today the work of the police and the prosecutors has been impeccable. The local branch of the Democratic Party should keep quiet; many in the party appeared to favour Montante when by then everybody had realised that something was not right. There are however several members of the Democratic Party in Caltanissetta who have never wanted this situation. But they were few.”

“Certain media- Bolzoni continued – behaved in an ignoble way. All of them were silent up until a certain point. A well-known journalist from Caltanissetta said to me: “we write things when the magistrates tell us to”. But instead the things should be written first – shame!”.


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