Mafia and football. Genoa hooligans chant choirs against journalist of Secolo XIX

Marco Grasso had reported the intimidating methods of some supporters described by the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission. Solidarity from the union

The journalist Marco Grasso and his newspaper, the Secolo XIX, have been insulted menacingly by an hooligan group of Genoa. Fans pitched a chorus against the journalist in Florence during the Florence-Genoa football match played on December 17, 2017 for the Serie A championship. On the same day they released a similar offensive and threatening press release on Facebook. This was reported by the Ligurian Association of Journalists who expressed solidarity with the journalist and the editorial staff of the Secolo XIX (read).

The reaction of the fans was triggered by the article by Marco Grasso entitled “Intimidation, blackmail and interest: Genoa hooligans imitate mafia ways” (read) published on December 16, 2017 in the newspaper of Genoa, the Secolo XIX, in which the author cited some information contained in the report entitled “Mafia and football” with which the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission has put under the magnifying glass the relations between the sports clubs Juventus, Naples, Lazio and Genoa and their fans, indicating how some hooligan groups resort to mafia-like methods to obtain conditions.

The Ultras Realtà Genoana group reacted to the Grasso’s article by publishing a press release on Facebook, which accuses the reporter of having written “totally unfounded and false accusations”, “pure fantasy investigations”, of throwing mud on the supporters, and realizing “a caricature of very low quality journalism” (read).

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