Modena. Stones thrown at a video-reporter

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Gianni Galeotti was filming the fences erected by the residents of Viale Gramsci to prevent drug pushers from entering their courtyards.

On the 4th January 2019 in Modena, in Viale Gramsci, the journalist Gianni Galeotti, correspondent of the web journals TvQui and La Pressa, was insulted and targeted by a group of people who threw stones at him while he was filming the area in order to document the fences installed by the inhabitants of the neighbourhood to defend themselves from the intrusive presence of drug dealers.

Gianni Galeotti was accompanied by a local resident. The attackers were visibly annoyed by his camera.

Galeotti was filming the fences erected to protect the courtyards where the small-time traffickers hide the drugs.

Gianni Galeotti told Ossigeno per l’Informazione “That neighbourhood is monitored by look-outs pure and simple that identify and report suspicious presences. We, with our camera, were certainly unwelcome”.

Galeotti and his companion phoned the Carabinieri. But when the officers arrived at the scene, the attackers had already left. The following day Galeotti made a formal complaint against unknown individuals for violence against the person to the Carabinieri of Modena.

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