Montenegro: A well-known journalist wounded by gunshot near her house

News reported by the English daily newspaper The Guardian and OBCT

The EU commissioner for enlargement, Johannes Hahn declared that this attack would affect negatively the negotiations for the entry of Montenegro into the EU. He warned Montenegro that the armed attack on the 8th May 2018 in Podgorica on the journalist, Olivera Lakic of the Montenegro daily paper Vijesti, will have an impact on the process of the Balkan country joining the EU. In addition he encouraged the Montenegro authorities to investigate the incident. “What has happened has an impact on the position and on the reputation of the country ….. it’s on our radar and we expect an adequate investigation” Hahn told journalists, after having visited the editorial offices of Vijesti and met Lakic upon her release from the hospital.

The journalist was wounded by gunshot on the 8th May 2018 in front of her house in Podgorica. Olivera Lakic was hit in the leg and is not in a life-threatening condition. She had already been the target of threats and intimidation in the past. In 2012 in the same place she had been attacked and assaulted. After that attach she had lived under police protection for almost three years.

Regarding the affair, we highlight articles published by OBCT, the Balkan, Caucasian Trans European Observatory which is a partner of Ossigeno per l’Informazione in the ECPMF project supported by the European Union.

Damira Kalac, correspondent from Podgorica for OBCT writes that in Montenegro in 2004 Dusko Jovanovic chief editor of the daily Dan was killed. Since then a further 76 attacks against journalists have been recorded of which 43 had a judicial follow-up, 25 are still subject of investigation whilst investigations have not begun for the remaining 8 cases.

Mihailo Jovovic, chief editor of Vijesti, talks about the difficult situation of journalism in Montenegro in an interview on Radio Popolare conducted by OBCT within the scope of the same ECPMF project.

Montenegro: An attack on the journalist Olivera Lakic

Olivera Lakic, an investigative journalist of the daily paper Vijesti was wounded by a gunshot in front of her house, in the same place where she had been beaten up six years ago. Journalism is a difficult profession in Montenegro.

Why are so many journalists under fire in Montenegro?

Olivera Laki, an investigative journalist of the daily paper Vijesti was wounded in an attack in Podgorica. The chief editor of the daily, Mihailo Jovovic told Radio Popolare that practising journalism in Montenegro is very difficult, almost impossible.

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