Ostia: Businessman snatches the microphone and papers from the hand of the journalist from Rai3 Report

Roberto Papagni reacted this way to questions from the journalist Giorgio Mottola regarding alleged irregularities. A reaction regarded as unjustifiable by FNSI

On the 20th April 2018 in Ostia (Rome) on the side-lines of a conference for the presentation of a cultural exhibition, the president of Federalberghi, Renato Papagni, assaulted the journalist Giorgio Mottola correspondent of the investigative programme Report of Rai3.

Mottola had asked Papagni to explain how he had obtained the concession from the State for the beach property which he managed, despite several alleged irregularities. The businessman did not appreciate the questions. First he threatened to give Mottola “2 pizzas” (i.e., two punches). Then he snatched out of Mottola’s hand the document which showed the alleged irregularities and attempted to thrust it into his mouth (See here the video).

The FNSI defined the episode “intolerable”. In a note from the union, “we ask that one proceeds without leniency to put these persons in a situation where they are unable to harm anyone nor to disturb the freedom of information and the right of citizens to be informed”.

The response of Papagni – “I was speaking with the guests and I was pulled aside, the journalist repeatedly told me that my concession was illegal. I moved away and he followed me, I was pushed, then he had that note in his hand and I pushed it in his face. I was provoked” (see here).

Mottola in an interview with Corriere, said that, “I only wanted to ask him some questions but I wouldn’t describe it as aggression”.

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