Palermo. Erase video records! Two journalists threatened at restaurant inauguration

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Rosaura Bonfardino and Igor Petyx, freelance photo reporters, were chased and threatened. Police have identified the attackers

OSSIGENO June 16th  2021 – On May 28th 2021 in Palermo two men subsequently identified by the police threatened the journalist Rosaura Bonfardino of ‘PalermoToday’ and the photojournalist Igor Petyx de ‘La Repubblica’ and ordered them to delete the photos and video footage they were taking of the restaurant sign after its auction following the arrest of the former owner (read here). The reporters (husband and wife) were on a scooter. “They chased us, jostled  us, bent the mirror of the moped and said: “delete the photos and videos or you don’t leave here,” the reporters said. The photojournalist called the police who identified the two men. Solidarity was expressed from Palermo Today and the publisher of Citynews , from the editorial offices of La Repubblica, from Assostampa Sicilia and from the Sicilian reporters group.

THE JOURNALISTS – Bonfardino and Petyx told Ossigeno that they did not want to make any further comments.


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