Milazzo. Mayor launches a lawsuit to deny the background to creating a pedestrian area

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The online newspaper “Oggi Milazzo” reported rumors that there are not only technical reasons behind it but also allegedly local interests

OSSIGENO June 16th  2021 – The mayor of Milazzo (Messina), Pippo Midili, began a lawsuit against the online newspaper “Oggi Milazzo”, for an article published on May 31st  2021 entitled “Milazzo, a summer without an evening pedestrian area. From the 15th July the entire road network could be revolutionized “(read it here). The lawsuit was announced on the municipality’s website the same day (read here).

The mayor’s statement maintains that some statements in the article are defamatory and damaging to the image of the mayor and the administration as a whole. The mayor’s reaction was triggered by the intention to deny in the most categorical way the comment of the newspaper on the news, in particular the sentence: “According to the rumours from the town hall, the choice not to repeat the experience of a summer pedestrian area was made  not only with  the intention to follow the urban town plan which provides for a zone with limited vehicle traffic in the city centre, but was  also influenced by electoral promises to those who felt penalized from the pedestrian area ”.

Pippo Midili is a professional journalist since 2008. Before being elected mayor he was a city councilor and at that time he founded in 2015. and edited the local online newspaper “Il Diario Metropolitano” a competitor of “Oggi Milazzo” ( founded in 2011). “Oggi Milazzo” received the support of Ossigeno, Assostampa Siciliana, readers and numerous local politicians (read here). 


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