Pozzuoli: damage to a reporter’s car

Francesca Piccolo was conducting some investigative journalism on the works to enhance Lake Lucrino.

On the morning of January 24th2020, the journalist Francesca Piccolo, collaborator of the investigative website Stylo24 found that her car, parked in the street near her home in Pozzuoli (Naples), had been damaged. .

Francesca Piccolo found the car with its bumper torn from the bodywork and filed a formal complaint of damage by persons unknown with the city police station.

The journalist is conducting an investigation into critical aspects of some administrative initiatives adopted for the redevelopment and enhancement of the Averno and Lucrino lakes.

In the previous days, just as she was taking some photographs of Lake Lucrino as part of her investigation, Francesca Piccolo had been approached by a man who in Neapolitan dialect told her to go away and mind her own business.

Ossigeno, the journalists’ union from Campania and the Italian National Press Federation (Fnsi), expressed their solidarity with Francesca Piccolo.

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