Reggio Calabria: a journalist’s car set on fire

Gianni Baccellieri has a sports and current affairs program on Radio Antenna Febea. His car had already been damaged in 2018. Expressions of solidarity from Odg and Fnsi.

During the night between the 17th and 18th April 2019, in Reggio Calabria, unknown persons set fire to the car of journalist Gianni Baccellieri of Radio Antenna Febea. The car was parked in the street near his home. Baccellieri immediately called the police and fire-fighters put out the fire.

The same day the journalist presented a formal complaint against unknown persons at the Reggio Calabria police station. The radio station, the order of journalists and the National Federation of Italian Press expressed solidarity with the journalist.

In 2018 Baccellieri reported previous damage to his car. The last complaint was three months ago. For years, the journalist has been the host of a radio program centred on the “Regina”, the city’s soccer team. Baccellieri explained that during the broadcast the city’s problems and national politics are also discussed.

Gianni Baccellieri told Ossigeno that “In Reggio Calabria cars are often set on fire. It is obvious that when a journalist’s car is set on fire the news has more resonance. In my formal complaint, I stated that the fire was intentional. The video surveillance cameras have recorded two people intent on lighting the fire “.

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