Ruotolo: More protection after last threats

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The police escort had been due to be suspended last February. The judiciary is investigating the latest attacks.

The police escort of journalist Sandro Ruotolo, president of the Campania Reporters Union, and collaborator with Fanpage, was strengthened after the latest threats which the magistrates are investigating. The risk profile of the journalist is now considered higher. A notable change if one thinks that in February 2019 the suspension of the police escort service had been announced due to the risk situation being perceived as less serious (see here).

THE AUGUST THREATS – In August 2019 Sandro Ruotolo had suffered explicit death threats via Twitter. An Italian Twitter user being  investigated by the Grosseto Public Prosecutor’s Office wrote,  “If everybody was like you with a bullet in the back of the neck, we would take away six of them,” wrote. In the previous days, with a Tweet, Sandro Ruotolo had criticized the then Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, and in particular his statement in which he had called a person who had in turn criticized him as a “gypsy.”

Sandro Ruotolo does not usually follow up on the insults and threats he receives through social networks, but this time he considered it appropriate to do so. “I denounced this episode – he explained to Ossigeno – because words have value and weight. It is unacceptable that they are used to trigger hatred. I requested the law enforcement agencies to determine whether this gentleman who promised me a bullet in the neck and the others who followed his trail were instigated by someone, and to find out who triggers these hate campaigns “.

The FNSI, the SUGC, the Order of Journalists and Oxygen have expressed full solidarity and stand by Sandro Ruotolo.

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