Sava (Taranto). Mimmo Carrieri denounces new threats

A confidential source told him: “They want to break your legs”. The journalist has been receiving warnings for some time. Since 2012 he has been under the protection of the Carabinieri

The journalist Mimmo Carrieri, collaborator of the online magazine Viv@Voce, has again been threatened with death and now fears for his safety. A confidential source revealed to him: “they want to break your legs”. On 17 August 2017 he spoke with the deputy Prefect of Taranto, Mario Volpe, at the Government Palace of the regional capital of Puglia. The Commander of the Carabinieri station of Sava (in the province of Taranto), Edoardo Quaranta, has intensified the dynamic vigilance that was assigned to protect Carrieri in 2012, following the arson attack to his car accompanied by an anonymous letter with these words: ” did you like the bonfire? This is nothing, prepare a place at the cemetery”.

Carrieri mainly deals with the theme of environmental protection and protection of historical and archaeological heritage. After the arson attack to the car, in 2013 he received a letter containing two 38-caliber bullets, was threatened through the intercom of his home, discovered an attempt to sabotage his car, denounced the theft of two boats.

The journalist does not hide his concern, but ensures that he will go ahead aided by protection from law enforcement. “I pay close attention. I park my car always in the garage. Before starting the engine – he told Ossigeno – I check the car well because I’m afraid of sabotage. I never do the same road again, I always check the cars that follow me. I go on like this. The vigilance by the Carabinieri reassures me”.

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