Sulmona: During the night the reporter’s car set on fire

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The car of Claudio Lattanzio, photojournalist for Il Centro, was parked near his home. The police are investigating.

On the 15th August 2019, around 3 am, in Sulmona, in the province of L’Aquila, journalist Claudio Lattanzio’s car was destroyed by fire. The car was parked in the street, near his home. The Carabinieri of Sulmona examined the site and began an investigation. The fire appears to be malicious, probably linked to the activities of the reporter and photojournalist.

The reporter, a correspondent of Il Centro and a collaborator with the news agency Ansa, had recently covered an investigation into drug dealing in Sulmona and had conducted an investigation into the municipal kennels, where animal carcasses had been found.

The AB and the FNSI (the Italian National Federation of the Press) expressed solidarity with the journalist.

Stating that he will continue to do his job as usual Lattanzio told Ossigeno that “More than being frightened , I was annoyed by the damage suffered and sorry, very sorry, for the fact that the local newspapers did not report the news of the fire, failing – in my opinion – in some fundamental aspects of our profession “.

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