Syracuse: A sentence of 32 months for the threats to Borrometi

The court imposed this sentence for violence towards the journalist

This time, the attacker of a journalist has been tried and sentenced. This rarely happens as borne out by Ossigeno’s statistics which show a level of impunity of 99%. Moreover the court also took into account the mafia method of intimidation. The court of Syracuse sentenced Francesco De Carolis to 2 years and 8 months of imprisonment for violence towards the journalist Paolo Borrometi editor of and collaborator with Agi.

In November 2017 De Carolis had sent a threatening message to the journalist who had published several stories about his brother, Luciano considered to be an important figure in the mafia clan Bottaro-Attanasio.

“As soon as I see again my face or the face of my brother in one of your articles I’ll come looking for you at your home and I’ll massacre you” was one of the phrases.

The comment of Paolo Borrometi on his Facebook page was, “Today a wonderful page of justice has been written and I dedicate it to all of you who have stood by me. In a country where formal complaints are infrequent, the conviction of someone who wanted to “massacre” me shows that it is worthwhile making a formal complaint”.

On the 7th June 2018, three years after the event, the court of Ragusa in a shortened trial sentenced another individual to four months imprisonment for having made serious threats to Paolo Borrometi.

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