Tell us where Graziella de Palo is buried. Appeal by mother and brother

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The journalist disappeared in Lebanon in 1980 together with her colleague Italo Toni, during a visit to the refugee camps of the FPLP

Tell us, even anonymously, where Graziella De Palo is buried. On November 27, 2017 the journalist Massimo Numa on La Stampa (read) reported this appeal made by Fabio De Palo, brother of the journalist who disappeared in Lebanon on September 2, 1980 along with the journalist Italo Toni. On 3 March 2018 the TG2 sent the same appeal made by the mother, Renata Capotorti.

The appeal is addressed to the Parliamentary Commission that investigates the death of Aldo Moro, in order to solicit the Palestinian Bassam Abu Sharif to break the silence. The man was recently in Italy to testify at the Commission about the Moro case. For the role of collaborator of Yasser Arafat who covered at the time of the disappearance, writes La Stampa, he could know something. According to the confidences of former agent of the Sismi, at the time employed by Colonel Stefano Giovannone, the Italian intelligence services would be aware of the exact place where the bodies of Graziella De Palo and Italo Toni were buried, after being murdered, in the course of a visit to the training camps of the FPLP guerrillas in Lebanon.

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