The Genchi Case. What is it about. The story and its protagonists

Who is Gioacchino Genchi, what investigations did he do, what is he accused of, when was he acquitted. Who is the author of the book about him and what does he tell

The Genchi Case. The book that overcame seven trials and got sentenced once

The journalist – Edoardo Montolli

Born in 1973, Milanese journalist, he began writing when he was eighteen years old, collaborating over time with several newspapers, radio and television broadcasters. He collaborates with various newspapers and curates He wrote Mike Tyson. La bestia (1998), the reportage Tribù di Notte (2005), the books of investigation Cara Chronica. Lettere (mai) published a Cronaca Vera (2007), Il grande abbaglio. Counter-investigation on the massacre of Erba (2008, with Felice Manti), L’enigma di Erba (2010) and the novels La ferocia del coniglio (2007), Il boia (2008), L’Illusionista (2010).

The source – Gioacchino Genchi

Born in 1960, graduated in Law, he was a police officer. He has held executive positions in Sicily. In 1996 he became a technical-IT consultant for the judicial authorities, also collaborating with Giovanni Falcone. Retired since 2016, he is a member of the Bar Association and is active in criminal matters.

The Genchi Case – Montolli’s book reconstructs Genchi’s investigations, in particular WHY NOT and POSEIDONE, conducted at the time by Luigi De Magistris, current mayor of Naples. Genchi in 2009 was accused of illegally intercepting over 350 thousand people. For this reason his computer archive was seized and he was dismissed by the Police (in 2011). In 2014, by virtue of a TAR ruling, it was reinstated. On 31 March 2016 the Privacy Guarantor imposed a fine of 192 thousand euros for having duplicated and accumulated, without the necessary consent, data relating to the expert reports he performed on behalf of the judicial authority. The Genchi archive – the Guarantor wrote – consists of 1,162,510 personal / subject records, 351,991,031 traces of telephone communications, and 13,684,937 telephone users. Acquitted from the accusation of having made unauthorized access to the computer system Siatel (the registry of local taxes of the Inland Revenue Service), for the crime of abuse of office Genchi – along with De Magistris – was acquitted because “the fact does not constitute a crime”. In 2016, however, the Supreme Court annulled the decision solely for civil purposes, ordering a new trial (read).

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The Genchi Case. The book that overcame seven trials and got sentenced once
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