The Genchi Case. The eight trials in short

The summary of the judicial proceedings faced by Edoardo Montolli after the publication of the book that reconstructs the misadventures of the former deputy commissioner of Palermo

The Genchi Case. The book that overcame seven trials and got sentenced once

The files sent to the archives

  • The MP Sandro Gozi presented recourse to the Privacy Guarantor to prohibit the dissemination of the volume. Request rejected on May 25, 2010. Gozi is cited in the book for alleged contacts with a certain “loggia of San Marino”, although it is specified that his position was archived in the investigation of De Magistris.
  • Request for urgent withdrawal of the book was presented to the Court of Milan by former lieutenant colonel of the ROS Police Unit Angelo Iannone. Rejected on May 30, 2010. Iannone is mentioned in the text above all for his activities in the security of Telecom after having left the Carabinieri.
  • Lawsuit for defamation by the Police Commissioner Giovanni Aliquò: archived on 13 August 2012; then opposition to archiving. New filing always by the Court of Milan on 11 February 2016. Aliquò complained about the quoting of some of his personal events and his telephone contacts with the then Minister of Justice Clemente Mastella.
  • Lawsuit for violation of professional secrecy by magistrate Alberto Cisterna: filing request of the Court of Milan on 13 October 2016; opposition to archiving on 26 October 2016; filing on 9 February 2017. Cisterna is cited many times in the book for frequent telephone contacts with some people under investigation by De Magistris.


  • Lawsuit for defamation by the judges Giuseppe Cascini and Tommaso Picazio: Montolli and Genchi are convicted in first instance by the Court of Milan on May 24, 2013. The journalist with a fine of 1000 euros, 25 thousand in compensation, 7300 of adverse expenses, 15 thousand in civil damages, 7300 for plaintiff charges, plus the costs of the trial. Acquitted in Appeal on 17 February 2016. Cascini and Picazio recur in the Court of Cassation for civil purposes only. Both are mentioned in the book marginally, for their contacts with people investigated by De Magistris. In November 2017 the Supreme Court annulled the sentence for compensation purposes. A new civil appeals trial will therefore have to be held.
  • Lawsuit from the lawyer Giovanni Bruno, ended with an acquittal in 2017 in the first degree. Bruno is sometimes associated with people investigated for Mafia reasons; the circumstance does not seem to be true. Also mentioned for his relations with a company close to the Udeur party.

Trials still open

  • Civil trial for damages promoted by former Guardia di Finanza general Mario Iannelli: the Civil Court of Rome rejected the request for compensation on October 30, 2013. Iannelli appealed: the sentence is scheduled for 2018. The military is mentioned in the book for his frequent telephone contacts with Carlo Elia Valori, whose telephone records were checked in a survey on bank climbings at the time.

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The Genchi Case. The book that overcame seven trials and got sentenced once

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