The person who threatened the journalist Guastella has been arrested

He has been charged with private violence aggravated by the methods of the mafia. The incident happened in the courtroom of the Court of Assizes in Syracuse and was immediately reported.

In Syracuse on the 9th November 2018 the “Flying Squad” placed under house arrest 56 year old Umberto Montoneri who together with others threatened the journalist Pino Guastella chief editor of the online newspaper Diario 1984 warning him not to publish further articles about his brother in law, Gianfranco Urso, currently in prison and belonging to the Bottaro-Attanasio mafia clan.

The arrest was ordered by the district anti-mafia directorate of Catania on charges of carrying out sustained private violence, aggravated by the use of mafia methods.

The threats were uttered on the 1st October 2018 in Syracuse in the hall of the Court of Assizes during a hearing in an area reserved for the public.

“Ossigeno per l’Informazione” had marked that episode as one awaiting verification, noting that Guastella had formally reported the incident and the Association of the Italian Press had expressed solidarity.

This is the fifth time in the last 12 months that the Italian magistracy has charged the attackers of journalists with the aggravating factor of the mafia method. An aggravating factor which leads to the arrest.


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