Video interview on Black plotsreleased

After a complaint by Paolo Signorelli’s daughter, the general prosecutor of Verona had even blacked out the article by Raffaella Fanelli on the web site Estremeconseguenze.

On 12th November 2019 the Court of Verona annulled the judicial seizure of a video interview and of the article by the journalist Raffaella Fanelli who reported its contents, both published online on the investigative website The seizure had been ordered by the magistrate on the 10th October 2019, following a lawsuit by Silvia Signorelli, daughter of Paolo Signorelli, the well-known exponent of Ordine Nuovo (a far-right political group), intervening to defend her father’s reputation. The video was released on June 17th 2019 and returned online November 14th 2019.

“Even the same guarantees and principles of law envisaged for the press must be extended to the online newspaper” – states the ruling. However, the lawsuit for defamation against the reporter and the editor of the online publication, William Beccaro, is still pending.

In the article, entitled “Vincenzo Vinciguerra. that’s why Fiore and Adinolfi defend the former Nar “(read here), the inmate (who is serving a life sentence for the Peteano Massacre, which took place in Sagrado, a district of Gorizia, in 1972, in which three Carabinieri died) talks about the massacres that characterized the anni di piombo (years of lead) and makes statements about the role that Paolo Signorelli played in the subversive right-wing in those years.

SOLIDARITY – In defence of press freedom, the FNSI, the union of journalists from Veneto, Articolo 21 and Ossigeno per l’Informazione expressed solidarity with Raffaella Fanelli and William Beccaro. The latter, chief editor of Estremeconseguenze, after the incident, in an editorial on the matter, wrote: “on Paolo Signorelli, Vincenzo Vinciguerra, he has not revealed anything new. His statements on Signorelli have always been the same. They are well known. They are mentioned in books and articles, but above all they are in many folders that fill the shelves of our courtrooms. We await confidently – the director concluded – the work of the investigators and the magistrates” (read here).

PREVIOUS LAWSUITS – This is not the first lawsuit of Silvia Signorelli against Raffaella Fanelli, on the claim that the journalist, with her articles, sullies the memory of her father, who died in 2010. Ossigeno has already been involved with the previous lawsuits. The Observatory’s Legal Aid Office – with its manager Andrea Di Pietro – took up Fanelli’s defence when Silvia Signorelli sued her for an article published in La Repubblica. The lawsuit has been dismissed (read here).


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