Arzano (Na). Firecrackers against the home of a journalist

Mimmo Rubio edits Arzano News on Facebook. He denounces criminal infiltration in the public administration. Protection is requested for him and Giuseppe Bianco (Il Roma)

In the early hours of the night between the 28th and 29th August 2018 in Arzano (Naples) persons unknown launched and exploded fireworks against the windows of the home of the reporter of Arzano News, Mimmo Rubio. The explosions damaged the shutters on the second floor of the apartment building in the town centre. The episode was immediately formally notified to the police of Arzano.

Rubio, a professional journalist, has for some time, -written on the Facebook page of Arzano News in which he publishes news about the town, shares indications from residents and relaunches news from other colleagues with whom he conducts investigations. Recently he has dealt with (sometimes with a colleague Giuseppe Bianco of the daily paper Il Roma who has also been a recent victim of a serious intimidation) the infiltration of organised crime in commercial activity and in the administrative activity of the municipal council which has in the past been dissolved for Mafia connections.

Both reporters who on the 30th August met the provincial heads of the police through an arrangement by the Prefect of Naples, were assured that the event will be looked into and vigilance regarding them will be intensified.


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