Ossigeno – BAD NEWS from Italy| 18 June 2018

The last news about attacks and violations of freedom of the expression and the media in Italy as well as in other countries.

This newsletter presents the last news originally published by Ossigeno per l’Informazione about attacks and violations of freedom of the expression and the media in Italy as well as in other countries. Also included are initiatives to tackle the issue with a review from international organisations in the field of freedom of expression

Top news

Concert for Press Freedom- Rome, 21 June 2018 at the House of Jazz
Ossigeno per l’Informazione is organising a jazz concert for press freedom to be held on Thursday 21 June 2018 at the House of Jazz in Rome starting at 19.30. We are receiving messages of 800 characters maximum about the importance of a free press that will be read: send us yours!

MEPs want EP monitoring body to expose abusive SLAPP practices
The proposal for an EU directive and the creation of the monitoring body was presented in Strasbourg on 13 June 2018 by MEPs of the EPP group.

WPFD 2018. Speeches pronounced at Agcom-Ossigeno conference
Video, audio and full texts of the meeting that was held at Protomoteca in Campidoglio on 8 May 2018 on the of occasion 25th World Press Freedom Day

3rd May Homage at the House of Jazz paid to mafia victims and journalists killed
Representatives of institutions and journalists were united on the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day. A sober and meaningful meeting. Homage paid at the Muro della Legalità.

Dossier about Paolo Borrometi. The mafia members planning the killing of the investigative journalist were arrested on 10 April 2018 

How a mafian plan has been discovered and thwarted
Several legal phone-tappings revealed that the businessmen and a gang leader, whose deals had been exposed, planned for two months how to kill the journalist.

“Whoever says that the mafia doesn’t exist condemns me to death”, Borrometi declares
Borrometi’s appeal to journalists during the conference on the 11th April in Rome. “You are not alone” said the presidents of FNSI, Ordine and Usigrai announcing initiatives in Ragusa and Syracuse.

Last attacks in Italy

Rome: What do you think? Former minister responds with a blow
Then the ex-minister apologised. The journalist, Danilo Lupo of the TV programme Non e l’Arena asks him to make a donation to a fund to support threatened journalists.

There is a risk that time will run out for the prosecution for threats made to Federica Angeli
A new trial is called for because the judge has asked for Armando Spada to be charged with a more serious offence and has petitioned the Rome prosecutor.

Turin: Four months for the reporter who followed the “No Tav” demonstrators
The reporter was held culpable for assisting in trespassing through having entered the offices of a company. The events took place in August 2012.

Bologna: A lawsuit for an article yet the entire blog is blacked-out
After 4 days the prosecutor took better aim and blacked out only the disputed text. The barrister, Di Pietro defined the measure as disproportionate.

Bari: Bank manager asks for 750 000 euro damages from Gazzetta
The two journalists, the author and the editor, received a demand for compensation in relation to three articles claimed to be defamatory.

Bisceglieviva: An editor blanks out a blog and replaces the editorial staff
On grounds that the picture was “harmful to our image”. This was decided after a warning countersigned by the editor-in-chief. This is censorship activated by external pressure, the blogger says

About us

An SOS for reporters: The Rome Press Association and Ossigeno set up a helpdesk for those subjected to pressure and threats

From the 18th June in Rome, the Rome Press Association and Ossigeno have set up a helpdesk to enable journalists also those not registered with the union to speak in confidence with an expert and to obtain opinions, advice and free assistance.

Threatened Journalists: Three Serbian reporters visit Ossigeno
The winners of the 2017 Journalism Award for Tolerance visited Rome accompanied by the OSCE Mission to Serbia, to learn about best practice

What the foreign press says about Ossigeno

Uruguay. Newspaper publishes Ossigeno data on attacks to journalists

This observatory on freedom of the press in Italy applies “a rigorous method and monitors attacks geographically and chronologically ”

Slovakian newspaper publishes Ossigeno data
One third of the whole threats come from the mafia and it is fundamental to monitor such attacks, Medialne reports

Review of news from partners and international organisations


Malta: defamation no longer a crime – but new law has critics
A new law has decriminalised libel in Malta. It follows the murder of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia in 2017, who was attacked with dozens of Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) cases.

Resolution: EU Commission to fight harder for press freedom and pluralism
Right on World Press Freedom Day MEPs in Brussels urged, that EU member states should “create and maintain, in law and in practice, a safe and secure environment for journalists”. The resolution was approved by an overwhelming majority.

From The Guardian and OBCT

Montenegro: A well-known journalist wounded by gunshot near her house 

News reported by the English daily newspaper The Guardian and OBCT

A warning to the corrupt: if you kill a journalist, another will take their place
Why kill a journalist if others are waiting to carry on their work? Those who tried to halt Daphne Caruana Galizia’s work in Malta will soon know they failed

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