Battipaglia. Correspondent of Striscia La Notizia is threatened with a knife

Edoardo Stoppa had gone to the home of a man suspected of poisoning cats who first called the police and then attacked him.

Whilst preparing an item in Battipaglia (Salerno) to be broadcast, the correspondent of Striscia la Notizia, Edoardo Stoppa, and his crew were threatened with a knife by a man to whom they had gone as it was reported to them that he was the mysterious poisoner of dozens of cats. The news of the attack was announced live on TV during the episode of 14th January 2019 of the satirical news programme of Canale 5, but the item itself was broadcast on the following day (see here). The attacker was stopped by the police and arrested

It was the suspected “killer” of cats himself who had asked for their intervention claiming to have been the victim of a robbery attempt. Then, while Edoardo Stoppa was explaining to the policemen the real reason for his and the crew’s presence, the man attacked him and the crew. The officers managed to disarm the attacker although one was injured in one hand.

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