Excrement thrown against the tobacconist’s shop belonging to the journalist’s father

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The journalist Giampiero De Luca who had already been threatened in recent months, discovered it at the entrance of the club in Naples. He made a formal complaint.

On the 11th January 2019, in Naples, unknown individuals smeared with excrement the lock of the external door of the tobacconists of the father of the journalist Giampiero De Luca, collaborator of La Stampa.it and of TV Luna. It was the journalist himself who in those days was deputising for his father in running the business that discovered it. . De Luca denounced the incident to the Carabinieri of Naples on January 19th , detailing that it was not the first time that he experienced threats for his journalism.

The journalist told Ossigeno, “I am a journalist and unpleasant incidents are part of it. It is not the first time that I receive attacks for my profession. Up until now I had never reported them because I felt isolated. But this time I am” . De Luca has received expressions of support from the Italian National Press Federation (Fnsi) , the Sugc and the Unci Campania (read here).

In December 2018 De Luca published an investigative piece on La Stampa.it on the Poggioreale cemetery (Naples). Although the Municipality has invested millions of euro, an area of the cemetery has never been restored and is still in a state of complete abandonment, to the point that it was unusable for burials (read here). In April of the same year, for TV Luna, De Luca had made an investigation on indiscriminate concreting in Volla, another municipality in the Neapolitan area. The first threats to Giampiero arrived in July 2018 when, as he explained in his formal complaint to the police, he found in the condominium mailbox a note with the words: “You won’t last long “. Even before, in November 2018, unknown individuals had perforated the tyres of his car. Two months before, in September 2018, while walking , two men on a scooter had shouted at him: “You’re making trouble”.

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