Ossigeno is assisting two journalists in criminal defamation proceedings

Carlo D’Adamo and Roberto Sangiorgi have been sued for three articles about the toxic sludge stored a San Giovanni in Persiceto published in 2014 by Controcorrente.Globalist.it

On Monday the 17th September 2018 in Bologna, the first session took place of the criminal trial of the journalists Carlo D’Adamo and Roberto Sangiorgi, defended by the legal office of Ossigeno. The two journalists are accused of defamation through the internet following a private prosecution by the well-known Emilian entrepreneur Luca Razzaboni.

The journalists’ defence lawyer pleaded that two parts of the civil suit out of three lacked legitimacy. The judge accepted the exception and has removed those civil elements which lacked the element of offending individuals. In substance there was nothing to complain about in a trial context.

The next session is fixed for the 13th May 2019 to complete the judicial inquiry and to hear the accused journalists.

The affair concerns three articles, published on Controcorrente.Globalist.it  on the 22nd October 2014 and the 11th January 2015 in which the journalists describe the investigation into the traffic of dangerous wastes stored in an area intended for a regular waste dump owned by Razzaboni situated in the municipality of San Giovanni in Persiceto near Bologna.

Because of these facts, the entrepreneur underwent a criminal trial ending with a sentence in the first degree and a subsequent sentence of second degree. The High Court of Appeal approved only the sentence of indemnifying the substantial damages to the municipality of San Giovanni in Persiceto.

The element of public interest referred to by the journalists lies in the fact that the area affected was so contaminated by toxic sludge that it led to a financial sanction being imposed by the European Commission for the lack of reclamation of the areas affected.


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