Calabria. Videos of the assault on Angela Caponnetto acquired as evidence at the trial

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In 2017 in Isola Capo Rizzuto journalists and cameramen were threatened by the accused while they were reporting on the infiltration of organized crime in the management of a reception centre for migrants

OSSIGNEO 28th July 2021 – On the 8th July 2021 a hearing was held at the Court in Crotone for the events that took place on the 16th  May 2017 (see Ossigeno) in Isola Capo Rizzuto, where two men (later identified as Pasquale Pittella and Albino Rizzo and today on trial) attacked and threatened the journalist Angela Caponnetto and the crews of Rainews24 and La7, to prevent them from filming outside the town’s rectory.

The journalists were report following the arrest of a priest in the ‘Jonny’ investigation of the local anti-Mafia unit of Catanzaro on the interference of the Arena criminal clan in the management of a reception centre for migrants in the Calabrian municipality.

THE EVIDENCE – Rainews 24 reporter Angela Caponnetto, assisted by the lawyer Giulio Vasaturo, confirmed her accusations against the accused, who pursued and threatened her. The evidence provided by a video, already broadcast 4 years ago in the ‘Piazzapulita’ broadcast of La7, and by two photos taken with the mobile phone by the RAI journalist, in which the defendants are recognizable, will become part of the trial that will resume on the 28th September next. LT

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