Garbage on the car of the journalist who practices “junk journalism”, according to the mayor

The reporter Andrea Tornago, collaborator of the weekly L’Espresso, had described the purchase of an apartment by the mayor as a “great deal”.

OSSIGENO 23rd  July 2021 – On the night between Wednesday the 23rd  and Thursday 24th June 2021, in Verona, the car of Andrea Tornago, a journalist who has collaborated with the weekly L’Espresso for years, was covered in garbage by persons unknown.

L’Espresso (read here) reports on this, explaining that: “The car was parked in a side street of the city, with very little traffic, frequented only by those who live there, near the house where the journalist lives with his family”.

The weekly also recalls that Andrea Tornago had recently published an article describing the purchase of a house by the mayor of Verona Federico Sboarina as a “great deal”, who then commented on the article (read it) defining it “Junk journalism”. Investigations are underway.


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