Casamonica clan family member threatens Nello Trocchia

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It happened in Rome while the journalist was making the documentary subsequently broadcast on October 31st 2019 by Canale Nove on the legal affairs of the Casamonica clan

“Be careful how you move”. After the warning a series of insults – lousy, infamous irritant – threats to hit him with a car. This is the welcome that Guerino Casamonica (known as Pelè), a member of the clan of the Roman criminal family of the same name, reserved for the reporter Nello Trocchia, who had gone near his home to record some images for a documentary on the criminal family.

It happened three months ago in the middle of summer. The documentary was broadcast on October 31st 2019, on Canale Nove, in two episodes with the title: “Casamonica – hands on Rome” and the writers Nello Trocchia and the journalist Carmen Vogani.

THE FACT – Trocchia was in the Romanina neighbourhood, on the street near the home of Pelè who arrived in a car and attacked him. Police from the Casilino police station intervened and then made a report on the incident and sent the documents to the Rome Police Headquarters.

Trocchia and Vogani’s investigation reconstructs the rise of the Casamonica clan in Rome, its businesses and legal involvements.

Nello Trocchia has long been occupied with the activities of the Casamonica, on whom he has also written a book. For his work as a video reporter he received various threats, some from other clan members. For threats received by the Camorra he is protected with an on-going security protection by the police


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