The Ossigeno event to remember the journalists killed and the victims of mafia

OSSIGENO March 22nd 2022 – Special Newsletter Compiled by Giacomo Bertoni – This is the linkable list of articles and videos from the conference “Rome remembers Ilaria Alpi and the innocent victims of the mafia”, an event organized by Ossigeno per l’Informazione in presence and online  held in Rome on the 21st  March 2022. Both commemoration ceremony and conference were held at the Casa del Jazz, a large villa confiscated from the mafia, where Ossigeno has its headquarters. At its entrance, adjacent to the large plaque placed by the Rome Municipality with the names of more than 900 victims of the mafia, there is the Ossigeno wall panel with the names and faces of 30 italian journalists killed while searching for the truth.

The duty to remember, the commitment of reporters, official bodies and students.

Broad participation in the Ossigeno initiative, at the Casa del Jazz and online, to remember Ilaria Alpi and the innocent victims of mafias

The tribute to Ilaria Alpi in a place symbolic of the fight against the mafia.

At the Casa del Jazz in Rome, a confiscated villa re-designated for civic purposes, and the location of the largest monument to innocent victims and to Italian journalists killed for their activities.

Prof. Gaetano Lettieri remembers Ilaria Alpi, his school mate: “We honour a courageous journalist”

The former classmate recounts personal anecdotes and highlights the need for “stumbling stones” (stolpersteine) also in communication”

Son of Mario Francese: “In every war the truth is torn apart” 

The journalist, the son of Mario Francese killed by the mafia, in a video link from a school: we have talked to the schoolchildren about the courage of truth

Somali journalist Shukri Said: “Italy and Somalia collaborate to shed light on the killing of Ilaria Alpi”

“Ilaria was in Somalia – she said – as today she would have been in Ukraine. She was a serious and rigorous reporter who had discovered shady deals”

Reporter under police escort since 2017: courageous journalism is an example for young local cub reporters

Marilena Natale lives and reports from a territory where the Casalesi crime syndicate is based

Miguel Gotor (municipality of Rome): “We must cultivate and water the flower of memory”

The Councillor for Culture of the Rome Municipality thanked Ossigeno for remembering all the journalists who lost their lives searching for the truth.

The secretary of Ossigeno: Sowing memory is a duty towards the new generations”

This was expressed by Giuseppe F. Mennella, during the conference

Students in Rome: Ilaria Alpi: a source of inspiration

Contributions from class III C of the “Melissa Bassi” comprehensive school from the Tor Bella Monaca district.

Students from the town of Trani in Apulia: we want to sensitize our peers to issues of legality

Speeches by Class 5A of the languages high school “F. De Sanctis “in Trani.

The secretary of the Roma Press Association: “guarantee insurance for freelancers in the war zone in Ukraine”

The secretary of the Lazio union at the Ossigeno event: The key focus of reporters in the war is on the truth. Let’s stop disinformation

Journalist Attilio Bolzoni: “Many journalists have died because they were left isolated”

For the reporter “they took a step further forward than the herd”. Then he made a reference to Sicily where eleven journalists have been killed

Brother of Maria Grazia Cutuli: “memory is a living material with which to build the present”

The brother of the murdered journalist Maria Grazia brought his message to the Ossigeno conference “Rome remembers Ilaria Alpi”



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